Our Pledge for a Greener Future

Hotels in general consume a lot of water and energy and also collect enormous amounts of waste. In our efforts to save the environment, we have adapted methods and policies that save water and energy, and reduce solid waste. It is a win-win situation for both hotel personnel and our guests, for it means healthier living conditions for everyone. By staying at our hotel, you are doing your part in protecting our planet. 

To save water, we have implemented several measures. Our pool uses salt instead of chlorine, designed to lessen chemical treatments. Rain water is recycled through a filtering system which means that less water is wasted, while you enjoy the use of safe and clean H2o. 

Our air-conditioning system is semi-centralized inverter type which consumes less power compared to ordinary units. We also use ESL lights to lower our power consumption. 

There is no point in leaving the electricity running if guests are out enjoying leisurely activities. For this reason, we use power saver cards in our hotel rooms. This allows our guests to help save energy consumption, as upon leaving the room the power supply is automatically switched off.
Due to the limited supply of electricity in Coron, we will only add minibars once the new planned power plant will be operational. This will allow the local community to have less brown-outs (power cut).

We do not change bed linens and towels daily to avoid massive use of detergents. We change them bi-weekly or on demand, when guests place the card provided in their rooms on top of their beds. Towels to be washed should be left on the floor, while the ones to be reused are hanged on the rack.  Corto del Mar minimizes the use of detergents for washing and cleaning in general. Our soaps are handmade and free of harmful chemicals.

Even our well made furniture screams green. Not a single tree was cut to produce them. All wood used in the building and furniture is from second hand lumber from auctioned properties or driftwood. These are wood products that would otherwise end up as charcoal. 

Corto del Mar has set-up its own organic farms,one outside of Coron and one in Rizal, where we grow some of our fruits and vegetables. The creation of these farms is our first step towards our goal of becoming 100% locally grown and organic.

We limit freight costs and save resources by buying local. If we buy from other sources, we purchase in bulk.